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A Harsh Truth You Need to Hear (Video)


Nobody Cares, So Just Deal With it

The world of self-improvement has become a glamorous industry. Online gurus, books and courses love to emphasize ‘miracle’ cures to getting out of the rat race and living a luxury lifestyle without putting in much work. Why? Because people are attracted to shortcuts – we live in a comfortable world and our standards are much lower because of it.

You simply can’t deny that life is easy. Up until the industrial revolution, most people lived to survive. Thousands of years ago, your life’s work would have literally been to ensure that you and your family didn’t die of hunger or by being killed. Nowadays, we complain about how shitty our jobs are, how we don’t have the material items we want, or how we aren’t richer than we are.

Because it’s so easy, we look to our comfort zones to escape our first world problems. People are contented by reality television, social media, fast food, drugs. The 21st century mindset is that everything should be handed to us on a plate and we don’t believe in success – in fact, most people resent success.

Here’s a harsh truth that just sprang to mind: if you truly want to be successful, stop looking for get-rich-quick schemes. Accept that hard work you have to put in and stop thinking about how hard it’s going to be – if you’re serious about rising above a mediocre life, just get on with it. IT ISN’T GOING TO BE EASY – if you’re complaining about how hard it is, you’ll never succeed.

Gary Vaynerchuk is known as one of the most brutally honest, raw and hard-hitting motivational speakers in the world. In fact, I probably wouldn’t even class him as a motivational speaker. He knows what it takes to be successful, and he preaches it because he’s tired of the false expectations of humanity.

In this short but powerful video, he explains why complaining will get you nowhere. It seems like a given, but I’m sure we’ve all had times where we get so caught up with stress and confusion that we just dwell in our own self-pity. This is FATAL. Complaining, crying, pondering and overthinking will get you absolutely nowhere.

You see, people love to spend their thoughts on the past and the future. They get depressed about the past by dwelling on their failures, and they get anxious about the future by overthinking about what could go wrong.

You only live, and will only ever live, in the present moment. And it’s so precious. You can’t afford to waste the present on things that don’t exist. The only cure to stress, worry and confusion is to get on with your priorities. It only takes a few seconds to suck it up, take your highest priority task and focus on it until it’s done. I guarantee that making progress on what is meaningful to you is going to make you happy. Staying in your comfort zone by blocking it out might comfort you now, but you’re going to feel 10x worse later.

On that note, here’s what Gary has to say about it: