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A Place Where You Will Find Motivated People


When you commit to improving your life, there’s no doubt you’ll experience these things: self-doubt, loneliness, helplessness and a feeling that no one understands you. I’ve been through this and still struggle with negative emotions now and again, however I know for certain that one thing helps massively in counteracting these negative emotions. And that is spending time with like-minded people.

Okay, we all have friends, but when we decide to pursue what we want in life, it’s a harsh truth that we realize most of our friends are probably not fundamentally right for us. Yeah, it may have been fun hanging out with certain people before, but now you’re hungry for success that seems somewhat unfulfilling.

The point I’m making is that likeminded people will not only get along with you, but they will teach you new and relevant things, share ideas with you, motivate you and most importantly push you to your limits. It’s like going to the gym with a friend when you’d usually go by yourself. You’re almost guaranteed to work harder.

The thing is, it’s hard to meet likeminded people locally for the most part. I attend various seminars and meetups locally which means I get access to a ton of successful and driven people, but I still struggle to spend more of my time with these sorts of people.

But thanks to the internet, anyone can now meet and develop relationships with likeminded people who share the same values and goals, meaning they can push each other forward every day. I wanted to create my own community where I can meet driven people and help others do the same, so I recently started the Level Up Self Mastery group on Facebook.

My aim for this group is to build an active community of motivated people from all walks of life, who have big goals and aspirations and are working hard to achieve them. It will be a place where anyone can share their ideas, motivational content, goals, wisdom and any adversity they are experiencing. This means you will not only get motivated and learn from the community, but you can reach out and ask for help with any problems you experience on your journey.

My role in this group is to share as much valuable content as I can with the members. I’ve thrown in our three ebooks which members get free access to:

  • The Game Plan: 5 Steps To Financial Freedom According to the World’s Most Successful People
  • The Vault: 67 Secrets Successful People Wish They Knew Starting Out
  • The Level Up 30 Day Commitment Challenge

On top of this I’ll be publishing a members-only blog post every week. I’m currently planning a ‘Mindset Hack’ series of blog posts which will only be available for group members.

Furthermore, I’m working with self-improvement/business publishers to bring the group the latest books at discounted rates. The way it works is we’re going to be running weekly giveaways for members who read and provide feedback on books, so stay tuned for publishing’s starting early January!

Click the image below to head to the group, or click this link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/levelupselfmastery/

The group is exclusively for highly motivated people, so join if you are serious about improving your life. If you are, I’ll see you in there.


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