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Why You Should Start Waking Up Earlier


The Advantages of Waking Up Early

It’s a well-known fact that highly successful people exercise ‘weird’ habits, like getting up really early every morning. The only reason it’s actually seen as weird, however, is because it goes against the norm. Obviously, everyone likes sleep… we need it to stay alive. But most people use it as a form of escape, a time to get away from the world. And then we wake up, most of the time later than we want, and start our days in a mad rush to get to school/work/etc.

This common habit is fine if you want to go about your day feeling stressed out with low energy. BUT, if you want more out of your life (and I mean A LOT more), then you should consider bending your sleeping pattern to your advantage to start your day in the best way possible and get on track to building an extraordinary life.

Okay, getting up early is subjective. If you feel that you are more productive late at night then that is fine, you should be in tune with your energy cycles to be at your most productive so I respect that. All I’m saying is that there’s a trend in getting up early correlated with success… I challenge you to try getting up early (at least an hour earlier than usual) every day for at least 2 weeks to see if this habit works to your advantage (it probably will). Here’s some benefits of getting up early that may tempt you to start.

  1. Mindset: There’s something quite satisfying about knowing that while 99% of people are sleeping, you’re getting ahead. Reminding yourself of that every day will condition your mind to be more motivated to stay Not only that, your mind will also be conditioned to force you to get out of bed despite your body telling you to hit the snooze button. This mental discipline will have a snowball effect on your overall discipline; if your desire to succeed is enough to get you up and at it when you are at your most vulnerable to lazing around, then your thoughts can control any of your actions.


  1. Quiet/Peace/Tranquillity: The peacefulness of the early morning, before and during sunrise is the perfect setting to be at one with yourself, and be present in the moment. With no white noise distractions around you, you can fully immerse yourself in the beauty of your surroundings. This setting will allow you to be grateful for a new day, grateful that you are alive and healthy, grateful to have another opportunity to build your dream. If you can practice gratitude every morning you will never have a bad day again. You will start the day in the happiest and most grateful way possible meaning no adversity that day could ruin your mood.

On top of this, the quiet allows you to focus. It’s like putting headphones on in a busy environment; you fully immerse yourself in your own world and block out any distractions. With this high level of focus, it’s the perfect opportunity to reflect, visualize, write down goals or simply meditate. It’s the only time of day when there is absolutely nothing to distract your attention. Use it wisely.


  1. Exercise: Here’s my argument as to why exercising in the mornings is far more effective than in the evenings: We all start the day with a high amount of willpower (that’s another benefit!) however this willpower runs out as we lose energy and use our mental capacity throughout the day. If you were to exercise in the evening you may have already lost the willpower to go, or you may be tired and be lazy in your work out. If you work out first thing in the morning, it’ll not only be a more productive work out but it will give you a good amount of energy to go about your day. If you can exercise outdoors (running, cycling, walking) then even better. Witnessing the sunrise is a beautiful thing and something to look forward to that’ll make you want to get out of bed!


  1. Fuel Your Day: Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. Your body has been starved for 8 hours and you need a boost of energy to get you started again. Having more time in the mornings means you can make a healthy breakfast and actually enjoy eating it rather than grabbing something unhealthy and rushing to work with it.


  1. GET MORE DONE! If you were to just gain 1 hour each morning, that would be 365 hours per year, or the equivalent to 2 WEEKS extra time per year. Our minds are most absorbent and creative first thing in the morning so some of the best ways to use the extra time would be to come up with new ideas, reading a book, learning a new skill, or listening to audiobooks. If you want to leverage this time even more then how about watching something educational to you whilst eating breakfast, or listening to an audiobook whilst working out? Use the time to feed your mind and use your mind to the best of its abilities.

So what are you going to do with you extra 2 weeks per year? If you got up 2 hours early that would be a whole extra month per year! If you struggle to get up early then simply start going to bed earlier; get as much sleep as you usually would but push your sleep schedule back so you rise early and sleep early. Anyway, what would you usually be doing late at night? Scrolling through social media? Watching Netflix?



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