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Biggest Lesson Learnt in 2016 and my January Kick-Start Plan


Last year seemed to pass by in a heartbeat. A whole lot changed in 2016, and for me it was a year of learning. Not only learning through books and mentors but learning through failures and adversity.

That was 2016, and 2017 is going to be a year of massive action. It’s the year I apply everything I’ve learnt and turn it into huge success beyond anything I have achieved before. My main goal is to prove to myself just how much one can achieve in a single year. I’m already planning a video to show people what can be achieved and how I did it on December 31st 2017. If that isn’t motivation to hustle for the next 363 days then I don’t know what is.

Achieving all my goals this year is going to take a huge amount of grit, so I’m starting my year with the most uncomfortable challenge I’ve ever set myself. It will push me out of my comfort zone every day and instil a discipline that will carry me through the year in to smash every goal I have set for myself. Here’s the 30-day challenge:

  • Wake up at 5AM every day
  • Take a freezing cold shower every day
  • No masturbation
  • Only drink water and coffee (no sodas/alcohol)
  • Work out 6 times per week
  • Eat 3000-3500 calories every day
  • Read a book a week

This is effectively a mixture of things I’ve challenged myself to do in the past year. If I can do each individually then I know I can push myself and do it all at once. Completing the challenge is going to completely disrupt my mind set and create a sense of self-confidence and ability to achieve like I’ve never felt before.

It may sound weird that I want to put myself through so much discomfort. Well, the discomfort is the reason I’m doing it all.

The biggest lesson I learnt in 2016 was regarding discomfort. It can be summarised in this quote by Arnold Schwarzenegger:

“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.”

This is a recurring theme that I experienced multiple times last year until I finally became conscious of it recently. Every time I did something I felt uncomfortable doing, I came out of it better off. Here’s a few examples:

Refraining from masturbation massively increased my confidence and energy. Going to seminars allowed me to meet like-minded people and learn new things. Having a cold shower gave me a boost of energy every morning. Pushing myself in the gym put me in the right mind set to have hugely productive day. Most importantly, putting in a solid day’s work allowed me to go to sleep satisfied. It sounds simple but it’s the best feeling.

And it’s the same with failures. The ability to fail but to keep going anyway is key to growth, because most of the time success comes right after failure. You never know when it is around the corner, and if you stop in the face of adversity you’ll never know how close you got.

The first part of the quote is also very important – “strength does not come from winning.” I had a habit of becoming complacent every time I was making good progress. What I realized is that as soon as you notice progress you must increase your acceleration – exploit it and ride with it.

It is in our nature to relax when everything is going well. We always seem to forget that this complacency will bring us right back down to where we were before. I’m done with this one-step-forward-two-steps-back cycle. For every step forward I’m going to take three more to squeeze every ounce of success out of every opportunity I take.

So if there’s one piece of advice I could give you to carry you through 2017, it’s to embrace discomfort and adversity. Whenever you feel like not doing something or feel like giving up, try to envision how you will feel by enduring the discomfort and adversity. The minute you endure it, you become stronger than it. And the more you endure the stronger you get.

So don’t wait for discomfort to come your way. Go out and find it.



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