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How to Get Twice as Much Done in Half the Time


What do successful people do with their time that failures don’t? How do they utilize their 24 hours differently, that means they achieve massive success while others waste their time and slowly descend in to failure? The answer is obviously that they are massively productive people.

So what is the best way to be massively productive without doing everything yourself, or constantly working super hard and burning out? The answer is time leverage. In the current technology age, the amount of resources out there to increase your productivity gives anyone the opportunity to get a huge amount done without even doing much in the first place. But not just that; there’s lots of different skills that if you put the time in to learn now, will leverage your time hugely in the future.

Here’s a list of ways you can get more done in less time to maximize your results and live a stress free but hugely productive life.


Prioritize your to-do list

Okay, it’s great to clear your mind by writing down everything you have to get done. However, most people have a lot on their plate meaning a very long to-do list, which is extremely daunting and can cause a lot of stress and frustration. A simple way to reduce that stress and focus on what really matters in order to be your most productive is to narrow the list down to the top 3-5 highest leverage tasks. You know, the things that will produce the biggest results; stuff like content creation, sales calls, refining your systems, etc. etc.

It’s easy to get caught up in the functionality of your business or project. It’s scary to think how much time is wasted doing the menial tasks that have to be done but really don’t make much progress in the bigger picture. Focusing on only the biggest results producing tasks means whatever work you do is highly productive work and the smaller tasks can be left without causing much of a problem. But what do you do about these menial tasks? You can’t just ignore them forever…



How do you ensure that everything is ticking away while you are busy focusing on the important stuff? You delegate everything else. The internet really is a vital business tool right now, and with sites like upwork.com and fiverr.com you can delegate pretty much any online task for very little money (leveraging the exchange rate – e.g. a worker in the Philippines will work for far less money). This low-cost option means you can cut your workload as much as you want, and scale up extremely fast. If you’ve got a team of people running your business you can focus on scaling up whilst they take care of the everyday functionality.


Learn on the go

You know how I mentioned listening to 30 minutes of audio information as a daily success habit in the previous blog post? The great thing about audiobooks is you can be learning while doing any task that doesn’t require using your mind. Things like driving to work, at the gym, cooking, etc. can all be utilized as learning time. Doing this means you are not wasting any of your time. You are constantly improving yourself in the time that would usually be wasted. You could learn another language, listen to self-improvement audio books, motivational speeches… the list goes on. If you want to double your productivity again, listen to the audio at 2x speed.


Learn to touch-type/speed read

Any task that you can improve your speed at means time saved – so more time to crack on with the more important stuff. There’s a wealth of free information online meaning you can learn to type over 60 words a minute, or read over 1000 words per minute. Think about what you could achieve by simply increasing your reading and typing speed. You could write books in your spare time, or increase your learning by reading twice as many books. Commit to putting the effort in to learn these sort of things. It’ll pay off once you’ve learnt it, and you’ll have a skill for life that’ll help to create the best version of yourself.


Level Up your social circle

The best way to fast track your success is to be around people who are more successful than you. There’s a multitude of ways to level up your social circle if you’re committed to doing it. Things like doing a university course where there will be lots of people with the same ambition, going to seminars/masterminds/accountability groups, even taking up a hobby that a lot of successful people take part in such as golf or flying. If you can create a highly successful social circle, then your social life will literally be improving your professional life.

Yes, it may feel great to be the smartest or the most ambitious out of your friendship group, but the truth is if you are the least successful out of all of your friends, it’ll give you that kick up the backside to up your game. It may feel uncomfortable, but your natural competitive side will force you to work harder and become more successful. Not only that, their wisdom will rub off on you.

So there you have it. Simple life changes that can have a profound impact in what you achieve. I’d recommend starting with number 1: prioritizing your to-do list. You want to get in the habit of being productive with your work on a daily basis, in order to make consistent progress.  If you really want to scale up fast, then delegate the trivial stuff as soon as you can afford to. And obviously in your personal/social life, it doesn’t take much effort to implement learning on the go and leveling up your social circle.


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