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How to Level Up Your Circle


As mentioned in my last post, when you find your purpose and start to take action on it, it’s more than likely going to be a lonely process because a lot of your friends and family will doubt/criticise what you’re doing.
You’ll probably find you become detached from your friendship group because you don’t share the same values/goals anymore and you may not have anything valuable to talk about with them.

It’s so important to stay socially stimulated, not only because it’s good for your brain (creatively, motivationally and in terms of problem solving) but it’s good for your confidence.

Being a part of a likeminded, driven and supportive circle is only going to push you forward because of this. Whereas, being a part of a group who aren’t motivated and don’t share the same values will only confuse you, distract you from what’s important and ultimately hinder your progress. Especially if your group is destructive.

As a motivated individual, you can’t afford to spend any of your time with people who are anything less than extraordinary. Average is a fatal disease and as we are sociable beings, an average social group is fatal in itself.

I’ve made it a goal to meet likeminded and driven people ever since I realized this. Here’s how I’m levelling up my circle and how you can too.



Seminars/mastermind groups:

These are not only educational but are a great gateway to meeting motivated people. Some are paid and some are not, so if you’re short on funds don’t worry, you can find likeminded groups easily on meetup.com and it’s as easy as a google search to find local seminars.

If you really want to get out of your comfort zone, go to these by yourself and make it a goal to speak to (and get contact details) of 4 to 5 people who interest you.

It can be tough to put yourself out there but what I’d recommend is to go in with the mindset that no ones going to talk to you if you don’t talk to them first. Practice approaching random people and asking them why they’re attending, what sort of business are they in etc.

It’s good to meet as many people as possible but if you want to get the most of of seminars and mastermind groups you’re gonna want to be as observant as possible. As with any relationship it involves a fair trade of value. You support your friends whilst they support you. So look for people who have something to offer, and who you can help out too.

Say you’re a marketer but you’re not very confident, and you meet a public speaker who knows nothing about marketing. You’ve both got something you can help each other out with so arrange a meeting to bounce some ideas off each other. If you can provide some sort of value to every person you meet they’re going to want to meet you again.

Accountability: If you want to leverage your friendships as much as possible, having accountability partners is the best way to push each other forward. Arrange to have a phone call/coffee meet weekly to review your progress and give each other advice on areas they can improve upon.
This method is far better than self motivation/discipline because not only are you getting advice but you’ll have a sense of commitment to your friend; you won’t want to let them down so your weekly success will be vital to these meetings.


Facebook Groups:

Not many tech-entrepreneurs who are into triathlons in your area? On Facebook there’s over a billion groups so you’re bound to find one with likeminded people who want to motivate and help each other.

UPDATE: We’ve created our own Facebook group called the Level Up Self Mastery Group. In it you will find VIP blog posts, motivational videos and quotes, likeminded people who will push you forward to reach your goals, and the latest self-improvement books which you can test – we’ll be running weekly giveaways for anyone who provides feedback on new publishings. Click the image to sign up to join the group!

Because you’re reading this blog I’m sure you follow many online coaches/personalities, and more often than not they have Facebook groups where their followers can interact. The groups are usually free to join and provide far more valuable content and sense of community you’d never find on a Facebook fan page.

You can take this a step further and get an online mentor. It’s not going to be cheap but usually online coaches have Facebook groups for their students, so you’re going to meet people who are on the exact same journey as you are. Perfect way to find accountability buddies.



If you’re a serious businessman, you’ll probably find there’s a lot of other businessmen who are into golf and flying. What I’m saying is, find out what likeminded people do as hobbies and take them up.

This is an incredibly smart investment if you’re starting out. Yeah, it’s gonna cost a lot to pay for flying classes or get all the gear needed to play golf, but you will meet some of the most successful people in your industry if you share their hobbies.

It’s good to keep business and personal life separate for the most part, so by taking up the hobbies of likeminded people you’re not directly trying to get their attention but by spending leisure time with them, their wisdom, motivation and knowledge will rub off on you. This is a great way of finding mentors too.



If you feel like your circle just isn’t valuable to where you are going, maybe it’s time to bring some new people into your life. If you’re serious about this, go on meetup.com right now and find 2 free events that you can attend locally this month which will be full of likeminded individuals.

Get out of your comfort zone and take action to level up your circle. At the very least, it’s going to attract you to more successful people and bring new opportunities you’d never find by doing what you’ve always done and staying under your comfort blanket.