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How to Think Bigger and How It Will Change Your Life


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As hated as he may be as a politician, Donald Trump couldn’t be more true with this quote.

Most people don’t succeed. Why? A major reason in my opinion is that most people only think within their circle of influence. They don’t dare escape it out of fear. Side note: don’t let anyone EVER tell you to be ‘realistic’ or not to ‘get your hopes up’ – all they are doing is transmitting their limited beliefs into your mind. You can’t afford to let mediocrity engulf you.

Back to the point – thinking small is deemed normal only because everyone does it. People are too afraid to think beyond their self-imposed limits; they get caught up in the day-to-day maintenance of their life which doesn’t allow for growth. Most people limit their thoughts to their daily decisions and goings on, like what they are going to watch on TV or eat that night, or in business, what urgent emails and tasks await them throughout the day.

Thinking big is about taking your focus of the menial yet seemingly important things that fill up your time. It’s about prioritizing the important stuff. When you do that, everything else will take care of itself. Here’s 6 ways you can think bigger to achieve bigger things.