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Signs You Were Born an Entrepreneur


Gary Vaynerchuk often preaches that entrepreneurship is a talent – something you are either born with or without, like being born with the right body for basketball or having an ear for music. Many people like the idea of becoming an entrepreneur, building an income source independently, realizing a vision they are passionate about, being financially and locationally free etc, but there is a difference between liking the idea of it and being born for it.

Put it this way – lot’s of people like the idea of being a rockstar but very few people actually pursue it. Lot’s of people want to be rich and famous but they are too comfortable to take the leap of faith. Success is an option to most people. The ones who succeed however, are the ones who have no other choice but to pursue it. Success is their duty in life – their calling. No successful rock star ever sat down one day and decided they were going to be famous, they simply did what they loved every day because that was the only thing they wanted to do, and eventually success found them.

It’s the same with entrepreneurship. If it is such a big part of your life that you can’t conceive any other path for yourself and therefore you execute every single day on it, success will find you.

So if you are ever doubting yourself, here’s a list of signs you were born to be an entrepreneur.



From an early age, if you wanted something, you’d find a way to get it. You didn’t rely on anyone else to help you out, you didn’t doubt your ability to get it, or settle for less because it seemed impossible. Perhaps you wanted to buy a new bike, so you mowed your neighbours gardens to raise the funds. Or maybe you decided you were going to learn the guitar but couldn’t afford the lessons so taught yourself.

Even things a small as self-education are big signs that you were born to be an entrepreneur. You don’t let your current circumstance limit you. You change your circumstance by taking action.


Curiosity to learn

For me, school was a waste of time. I knew that nothing I was learning was going to make me money when I left school so what was the point in learning about trigonometry or the French Revolution? Instead I took it upon myself to delve deep into the topics that interested me by reading books and taking online courses.

Natural born entrepreneurs are always curious to learn more. They know that learning is earning, and that the minimum requirement for success in any field is continuous learning, so they absorb every bit of valuable information they can through the people they meet and any information they can get their hands on.



This is something I did a ton of when I was younger. As soon as I found something that interested me I’d focus in 100% on that one thing until I’d mastered it. Okay, I would go from one hobby to the next relatively quickly, but by shifting my mindset to focus on the long term, I’m now able to focus in one one thing knowing that success is coming my way.

Successful entrepreneurs are completely and utterly obsessed with their ventures. When something interests them and means enough to them, they latch onto it and leave themselves no other choice than to master/succeed in it.



If I were to pick the most important personality trait of an entrepreneur, it would be persistance. When they get obsessive about something, they simply can’t give up until they succeed in it, no matter what adversity comes their way. Most of us are naturally born persistent – we don’t give up on learning to walk and talk when we are babies.

The ones who carry that trait through to adulthood with them never fail in any venture they undertake. Rather than switching business models to try and find the easiest way to succeed, they stick with one thing until they succeed in it. If you simply can’t give up until you make yourself proud, do your absolute best and achieve the goals you set and more, you’re a natural born entrepreneur.


Hate being tied down

If you hate being controlled by a boss, having to turn up to the same place every day, and having to work on someone else’s vision rather than your own, you are a natural entrepreneur. Most people are content working for somebody else because of the security and structure it provides. That’s fine. But you and me hate the idea of working for someone else because it stops us from pursuing our own dreams.

Now I’m not saying you should quit your job tomorrow. If you need the money to live on and support your responsibilities whilst you build your side hustle into a fully fledged business that is okay. If you are a natural entrepreneur, your time will come to quit that job and free yourself of any financial or locational restrictions, providing you are taking action every day towards being able to go it on your own.


Risk taker

The dictionary definition of an entrepreneur is ‘a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so.’ – You’ve always understood the value of risk and reward, and you know that merely doing what everyone else does will only get you the results everyone else gets.

You’ve never been afraid to burn your bridges when it comes to getting something you want. If anything, risks motivate you because they force you to work harder to make them pay off. While you’re young, you can afford to take major risks. You can quit your job to focus on your start up. You can sell your possessions to fund that start up. You can live in a one bedroom apartment with a bunch of your friends living on the cheapest food you can find and little sleep whilst you build that start up. If you’re a natural entrepreneur, the risks won’t scare you because your vision overpowers the risks.


You may not resonate with all of these, but if you notice any of these traits in yourself, you know what you should be doing. Your talent is entrepreneurship and your duty is to crush it every single day – business is your passion, you love the game and you will never stop pursuing bigger and better goals because growth is your only option in life.


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