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Speed Reading Is a Myth, You Should Be SMART Reading


Because we live in such an instant gratification world, we want everything now. That probably applies to reading for most people. In an age where we can get any information we want from the internet, why read through a whole book looking for new information?

Speed reading has become the answer to this. There’s a ton of apps and info online on how to speed read, claiming you can train yourself to read over 1000 words per minute (average for college students is 200-400) through methods such as hand-pacing, scanning, meta guiding and line grouping.

This is all well and good – in fact it’s a very appealing prospect to be able to read double if not triple the speed. But the truth is, despite the fact some read faster than others, everyone goes through the same process of retaining information when reading. We first ‘fixate’ on the text, then we move our eyes to the next group of text, all while comprehending the information. And the comprehension part simply cannot be sped up.

What I’m proposing is that ‘smart’ reading – retaining the most valuable information – is a far better method if you’re serious about learning and not just getting through books. I initially learnt this from Tai Lopez and some other YouTubers, however I’ve added a few steps to get the most out of every reading session. Here’s 6 steps you can take to get the most out of every single book you read.